You are not alone

If you're experiencing a mental health event, you're not alone. Nearly 20% of adults in the United States reportedly have or are experiencing a mental health condition, and many conditions go unreported. The numbers are likely much higher. Mental health issues are increasing in prevalence and severity, as well in our digital age, due to increasing stress, decreasing physical and emotional health and other factors. 

While mental health conditions are increasing, our knowledge of the brain is, as well. The brain is the most complex and intricate element in the world, but we are gaining insights into what causes mental conditions, and how to better treat the whole person back to wellness. While we may not be able to avoid certain traumatic experiences or life's stressors, we can arm ourselves with the knowledge about the conditions we suffer, gain hope in the remedies and treatments available and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Conditions we focus on






MemoryMigrainesPeak Performance

If you need immediate help, please refer to Mental Health's "Get Help Now" resources. 

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